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Stratton Design Group is a Premier Interior Design Firm that develops exceptional built environments for boutique luxury hotels, restaurants, spa/salons and custom residences. Offering a wide range of innovative, creative services, SDG works independently providing complete design services from top to bottom and also frequently collaborates with Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Business or Property Owners in team settings.

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As a consultant in the luxury hotel and spa world, I have seen many unique designs and work at all levels. I can easily say that Doug Stratton is the best I have seen at creating and executing amazing environments. Doug’s ability to effectively use space with purpose is unequaled. He also has the ability to fully understand all aspects of design, including infrastructure, electrical, mechanical, finishes, fixtures, lighting, specialty cabinetry, and how they all combine to create a truly unique atmosphere. Doug has a unique ability to flesh out a clients ideas into a full blown concept and make it real through controlling every single detail. After all, it is the smallest details, well done, that make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.
-John Atwood

Douglas Stratton provided vision, expertise and excellence in my bathroom remodel. His style is artistic, capturing the nuances of light, texture, drama, and flow in a seamless orchestra of function and beauty. He was able to create a magnificent space that incorporated all of the attributes that I wanted, and more! Because he sees his work as art, he is passionate and dedicated and I felt that dedication throughout the design and construction phases. Thank you Douglas!
– Ilana Alberico

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We worked with Douglas Stratton on a renovation of our lower level to create a family gathering room.  When he joined in on our project, he quickly took the look and feel of the room to another level with his sense of design and expertise in lighting.  As we worked our way though our project, Doug was able to problem solve quickly and visually present us with some design options that were creative, sophisticated and unique. Our room has a beautiful look and feel even before we added the furniture.
-Angie and Dan Baechtold

We needed a large scale piece and could not find it conventionally. We contacted Doug to custom design an interesting piece that would also meet our function and storage needs. Doug immediately understood what we wanted and, literally overnight prepared several design options for us to look at. He even brought in a life size printout of the piece to see the design firsthand.  We really enjoyed the design process and having our input incorporated into the piece.

The end result is absolutely stunning and exactly what we wanted – it even has secret storage compartments that Doug surprised us with!

Working with Doug has been a true pleasure. He has a creative gift and an eye for lighting that makes what he designs an incredible work of art.  We look forward to working with Doug again very soon.
-Drs. Tony Sciara and Jill Vargo

I have been working with Doug Stratton off and on for almost five years now, and I’ve come to know him as honest, hard working individual who is 100% devoted in his desire to create and design works of beauty, whether they be one-of-a-kind interior artworks, full room decors, complete commercial spaces or entire custom homes. Doug listens to the requirements stated by his clients, then transforms their thoughts into designs that capture the vision they could only dream about.

With his knowledge of spatial design and functionality, combined with years of experience working with special lighting techniques in the film and TV industry, Doug is able to generate incredibly beautiful spaces that transform the occupant into an entirely new realm. From serene, calming massage rooms where the ambiance itself relaxes and soothes the occupant, to romantic bedroom suites, to jaw dropping great rooms and living spaces, Doug manages to create settings that invigorate the senses and touch the soul. His attention to detail far exceeds what the standard layperson would even notice. His drive and dedication to constantly improve on his own design ensures that each and every project he takes on becomes a work of art.

Doug is an asset to any team looking for that extra little edge that will make them stand out from all the rest. His professionalism, his integrity, and his willingness to go the extra mile separate him from the pack, and I consider it an honor to call him my friend.
-Randy Hughes

Doug, no matter if it is a small or large project, you are an artist and you put your soul into your work, you can’t help but do that. Yet you are very professional and organized in your workflow. You are also good about listening and supporting what we want. You encourage ideas to flow from all people involved in the project, but gently guide the process into a coherent and beautiful expression of all involved. You added so much to the design we would not have thought of and frankly you added to LuminaJ’s bottom line with your design elements.
-Lydia Scott

I marvel at the vernacular and modern aspects of the home and regard it as one of the nicest on the entire OBX.
-Chandler Spawr

Doug is an amazing design specialist with a unique ability to read the mind of the customer and put exactly what they want and more into the project.  We were very impressed with his creative mind.  Doug has a way of explaining very detailed components of a design in a manor that allowed the layman to understand what he feels would be the best approach to a project, saving many hours of wasted design time.

Thanks to Doug, our project was much more then we could have ever hoped for and expected.
-Rudy & Charemy Vivona

Each project that Doug designs has a unique character and feeling which arises from Doug’s superior artistic and practical skills. Each space is wonderful and my favorite is spa-theology in Asheville . Upon entering the spa, one leaves the hustle and bustle of urban living to be welcomed into a sanctuary of beauty and peacefulness. With great respect for the historic architecture of the downtown building in which the spa is housed, Doug has combined modern features with older ones for an esthetic blend that flows from the ceiling to the walls and floor. Every detail serves to induce a sense of comfort and a feeling of deep relaxation in the visitor. Doug is a rare talent indeed.
-Anne Craig

My builder Randy Hughes of Blue Ridge Mountain Homes introduced me to Doug about 2 years ago. Right away I liked Doug’s enthusiasm and desire to get the most out of every inch of my new house. Doug reviewed what was a very stock set of house plans and found spaces that didn’t originally exist. Doug’s eye for detail and his keen grasp of style show through in everything he worked on. Doug designed all the cabinetry from baths to the kitchen. He further assisted with paint colors and lighting plans, and interior design and furnishing.
I count Doug as not just a valuable asset for his ability, but a quality person who truly cares about what he does. I will use him again in the future.
-Steven Wooden

Douglas not only brings in awesome designs but he is always open to new ideas from his artist as well. He is very thorough with the details of his projects which translates into some of the highest quality rooms I have worked on. This has become one of my favorite design companies to supply products for in many years of building custom pieces. If your looking for a detail oriented open minded designer who thinks both in and outside of the box you should seriously consider Stratton Design Group.
-Matrix Design

We hired Stratton Design Group at the suggestion of our builder and upon seeing completed commercial work downtown in Asheville. Originally, Stratton was to create just a lighting plan for our home being built in Black Mountain, but soon we were offered very good ideas to improve the interior space, symmetry and functionality. They included moving some walls and windows, developing interesting yet economical ceiling ornamentation, providing a furnishings guideline to accompany the lighting plan, and even finding a fabricator to make properly scaled chandeliers for our great room and offering advice as to colors. We have been delighted with the result and know the investment added not only beauty and satisfaction but also value to our home.
-Karen Gosnell

Associated Builders has worked with Stratton Design Group on several projects and we are constantly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The high quality of Doug’s designs far exceed all expectations. We highly recommend SDG for your next project.
-Associated Builders

When Doug first moved to Asheville, N.C. from LA, he sent out his web site to area professionals. I was “wowed” by his work and we quickly talked about working together on some projects. Although the recession slowed down the beginnings, we are currently working on a significant new construction project together. Without Doug as the lighting consultant, the end result of the home would be very different. His ideas are really going to create an ambiance for the home not otherwise achievable. He is also working with the new guidelines for LED fixtures.
Doug brings not only a high level of creativity as a lighting consultant, he also brings a great deal of technical knowledge. The two must go together. In Asheville, I know of no other one who has his expertise.

His plans and drawings are of the highest quality. And I enjoy working with him because of his great sense of humor!
-Kathryn Long, ASID

Mr. Statton designed the Spa for us at the Inn on Biltmore Estate and did a lot of research and planning for this project. He had a short time frame from the start to the completion. Doug helped with the construction management of it and would come every day to oversee the project and was a hands on person. The outcome was breathtaking. I would have him do work for us on our next project here at the Inn on Biltmore.
-David Moyer

I have had great pleasure in working with Stratton Design Group on a regional spa for a resort hotel in Western North Carolina. Their design sense, level of detail, and ultimate vision are extremely strong. I have also had the ability to experience several finished projects from Stratton Design Group and have been impressed by their ability to provide oversight and follow-thru during implementation of the original design vision.
-Design Management, LLC

We had the pleasure of seeing Doug’s work first-hand in Asheville, NC recently and all I can say is … WOW! This is a man who has honed the design craft with such forethought, detail and beauty it’s really a delight to see. I wish sometime in the future he could somehow pass on his inspiration and dedication, thoughtful and though provoking design to the next generation of interior designers so we don’t lose his caliber of talent …..ever.
-Connexionsoft Interior Design Software

My wife and I worked with Doug Stratton on the design of our new home in south Asheville. Doug was professional, prompt, easy to communicate with and has a true talent for home design. He was able to give us designs of such detail that we had not seen with any other architect we have worked with in the past. He incorporated lighting and specific material recommendations from the early stages of his schematic drawings for our home, and was able to give us elevations and renderings quickly so we could really understand how each room would look. He is truly gifted at what he does and was a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Stratton Design group for anyone considering building a custom home.

The Stratton Design Group was amazing to work with. During our first meeting, my wife and I described what we were wanting to to do our space. Make it warmer, cozier, inviting, spacious and interesting to be in. Doug just knocked it out of the park. We now have the most attractive restaurant in Asheville. He went above and beyond for our project. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
-Peter Pollay