About Stratton Design Group

Premier interior design in Asheville, NC

Since 2006, Douglas Stratton and the talented team at Stratton Design Group have been helping homeowners and hospitality business owners create beautiful spaces. Offering a wide range of innovative, creative services, Stratton Design Group provides complete design services from top to bottom for residential and hospitality environments. Stratton Design Group frequently collaborates with architects, developers, and property owners to create custom spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

With his knowledge of spatial design and functionality, combined with years of experience working with special lighting techniques in the film and TV industry, Doug is able to generate incredibly beautiful spaces that transform the occupant into an entirely new realm.
—Randy Hughes

Custom Kitchen Design by Stratton Design Group
Custom Home Design by Stratton Design Group

Why should I work with an interior designer?

When your car makes a strange sound, you likely book an appointment with an experienced mechanic. Most of us don’t pop the hood or mess with cables because we know the limitations of our own abilities—and recognize when a specialist is needed to get an optimal outcome.

In the age of Pinterest, everyone fashions themselves an interior designer. But great design involves more than putting up a floating shelf or installing an Edison bulb fixture—the most beautiful spaces have details you’d never think of but couldn’t imagine the space without. Just like any skilled profession, interior design requires some natural talent and a lot of hard work to master.

That’s where we come in. When you enter an empty space, you may just see walls and flooring or imagine where you’ll place your sofa. We see potential. When we start a project, we consider all aspects of design from the very first moment, including sun orientation and window exposure, views, ceiling details, lighting, and furniture placement. Whether we get to design your home or business from the ground up or come in to give you a makeover, our strength lies in our attention to detail and innate ability to create an atmosphere that’s luxurious yet practical.

We create spaces that work for you

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, purchasing a piece of land to build on, or reimagining your restaurant or boutique hotel, we listen to your needs and create a vision that meets them. From selecting the perfect trim to maximizing the flow of a room, no detail goes untouched. When you or your customers walk through the doors, we want you to feel inspired, content, and comfortable.

We offer:

  • Residential custom home design
  • Interior design
  • Lighting design
  • Hospitality design
  • Sourcing of finish materials, furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories
AC Marriott Hotel by Stratton Design Group
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