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Design a Kids’ Table Where Everyone Will Want to Sit

All of us at the Stratton Design Group, Asheville’s preferred interior design firm, are looking forward to Thanksgiving. Some of our interior decorators will be in Asheville cooking for friends and family. Others will be traveling to join their loved ones in a variety of locations near and far.

Wherever you will be celebrating, you’re sure to be bringing memories of previous Thanksgivings to the table with you. And whether they are transplants from the north or natives of Asheville, our interior design experts all agree that traditions are the things we love most about Thanksgiving!  In most cases, that is. 

Do you have memories of being banished to the kids’ table at your family’s holiday gatherings? Unfortunately, “banished” is often the right word to use because it’s usually the kids who get the least desirable place settings, the wobbly chairs and whatever is left at the bottom of the bowl. The children who sit at these tables dream of someday graduating to the grownups’ table. 

Reimagining the Kids’ Table

It can be bad enough having to sit with your overbearing cousins and their friend that you only see once a year, there’s no reason to make sitting at the kids’ table worse than it has to be. 

With a little imagination – and perhaps a few tips from HGTV – you can create a kids’ table where everyone will want to sit!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Put out place cards. What child wouldn’t feel special to see their name displayed on a personalized kid-friendly place card.  HGTV has instructions for making some cute Turkey Place Cards that are perfect for the Thanksgiving table. 
  • Mix up some kid-friendly mocktails. “Help the kids feel like adults with their own kid-friendly versions of the cocktails you might be serving,” the pros at HGTV suggest. Maybe they’ll even feel so sophisticated and grown up that they’ll behave!
  • Serve some special kid-friendly sides. Instead of giving the children whatever is left after the adults have been served, HGTV’s design and entertainment experts say, “Consider making some smaller, more kid-friendly versions of your Thanksgiving side dishes.”


Wherever you will be celebrating, the interior designers of Asheville’s own Stratton Design Group, wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. We will be closed for the holiday, but if trying to cook Thanksgiving for the whole family convinces you that it’s time for a new kitchen, you can be sure the experience of our talented interior designers in Asheville will be at your service soon. Call us at 828-539-4517.

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